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Bank Of Abyssinia External Vacancy Announcement

PositionWarehouse Management.Junior Officer

Education: BA Degree in Procurement & Supplies Management, Logistic & Supply Chain Management, Management or other business related fields.
Experience: Minimum of 1 year cognate banking experience.
Job Objective:
To participate in day to day actives of the warehouse in order to add values and excel customer service.

Main Job Duties & Responsibilities:

Participate in day to day warehouse operations.
Receive items (Operational or Capital) by counting material, register lot number, serial number and assign fixed asset tag number.
Issuing item (Operational or Capital) for requesting organ by preparing and transacting the Movement Order and register serial/lot number if any.
Maintain all necessary store records as per the warehouse procedure.
Ensure timely collection of used fixed assets and hold proper records of returned items.
Actively engage in the process of arranging lay out of the warehouse to maximize space utilization as per the schedule set by store keeper.
Ensure and react on the items (Operational or Capital) were properly packed in the process of loading/unloading and immediately inform to the store keeper if any major discrepancy happens.
Follow the order of Store Keeper in line with the warehouse procedure.
Cooperatively work with staffs and handle external customers complain/suggestion in a proper manner.
Inform immediately to the Store keeper whenever there is unusual circumstance occurred on the work area or process.
Serve the internal and external customers in an ethical manner.
Perform other related duties given by the supervisor.
Work Place: Head Office
Deadline: March 17 /2023

How to Apply

After checking the eligibility criteria and prepared all the necessary documents, qualified and eligible applicants apply online through BoA career website: https://fa-enhf-saasfaprod1.fa.ocs.oraclecloud.com/hcmUI/CandidateExperience/en/sites/CX/requisitions/preview/3141


In person or postal application is not accepted,
Ineligible/Unqualified applicants will be automatically rejected,
Applicants are urged to submit only one applications;
Those who submitted multiple applications will be denied.
Any updates will be communicated only through email.