Cheshire Ethiopia

Cheshire Ethiopia External Vacancy Announcement

Job Position 1 – Accountant

Required Qualification and Experience
Education:  BA degree in accounting or  finance, and Peachtree certificate
Experience: 2 years and above as an accountant
Knowledge of Word, Excel, Peachtree and other applications
Work Place: Menagesha and Addis Ababa

Job Summary:
Under the overall guidance of the Finance and procurement Director, the Accountant will process and reconcile a wide variety of accounting documents such as invoices, billing, cash receipts, journal vouchers, review and code financial information, prepare and process documents to disburse funds, make deposits and prepare reports, compile and review information for accuracy, maintain records and responsible to perform the overall finance and accounts functions.

Core Duties and Responsiblities
Processes accurately and promptly all accounting transactions, operating expenses and other office running expenses
Maintains accounts reconciled at any given point.
Reviews regularly the open item accounts and resolves any outstanding items.
Keeps relevant documents and invoices systematically to fully support the accounts.
Prepares payment vouchers after careful verification of the supporting documents and prepare cheques against approved payment documents.
Effects timely payments and resolve accounting related issues.
Assists in the preparation of annual budget and ensure in the monitoring budget and expenses.
Ensures CE internal control procedures are adhered with.
Enters, updates, and/or retrieves accounting data from Peachtree accounting system.
Posts financial data to appropriate account in Peachtree system accordingly.
Performs bank account reconciliation with accounts records.
Reconciles transactions, financial data, and other information in an automated accounting system.
Updates and prepares monthly payroll for employees
Maintains float, loan and salary advance registers.
Monitors cash flow, and ensure that sufficient funds are always available in the bank.
Ensures that all payroll deductions, withholding tax and other bills are made and paid to the concerned parties timely.
Verifies that expenditures are budgeted, justified properly, signed and charged to the correct accounts.
Keeps all financial source documents, vouchers, receipts, etc filed properly.
Ensures that proper records of all financial transactions are kept.
Prepares monthly, quarterly and annual financial reports.
Conducts surprise cash count for petty cash and collections in the hands of the cashier
Performs any other related

Job Position 2 – Junior Physiotherapist

Required Qualification and Experience
Education: BSC degree  in physiotherapy
Experience: 0years in physiotherapy
work Place:Addis Ababa and Menagesha.

Job Position 3 – Physiotherapist

Required Qualification and Experience
Education: BSC in physiotherapy
Experience: 2 years in physiotherapy
Work Place: Menagesha

Job Position 4 – Senior Physiotherapist

Required Qualification and Experience
Education: BSc  in physiotherapy
Experience: 6years in physiotherapy
work Place: Addis Ababa and Menagesha

Duties and Responsiblities
Tests and measures patients and records findings to develop or revise treatment program
Meets with multidisciplinary team at the center to discuss on the appropriate type of treatment for the patient
Plans and prepares written treatment program based on the evaluation and discussions held at the multidisciplinary team meeting
Administers manual exercises to improve and maintain function
Orders prosthesis or orthotic devices for the patients after proper examinations
Conducts pre-prosthesis treatments for the patients
Participant in the admission of children from age five to twelve years to the center for further treatment
Instructs, motivates and assists patients to perform various physical activities
Administers massage, applying knowledge of massage techniques and body physiology
Administers traction to relieve pain, using traction equipment
Records treatment, responses and progress in patient chart for both outpatients and admitted patients
Instructs patient and family on procedures to be continued at home
Evaluates fits and adjusts prosthesis and/or orthotic devices and recommends modification

How To Apply:
Interested applicants can  apply in person at   Head office in front of Sahiletemihiret church  or  Cheshire Menagesha Rehabilitation Center within 5 working days from the date of  advertisement

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