Habesha Cement S.C.

Habesha Cement SC is a cement producer operating in Ethiopia engaged in the production of two types of cement: Portland Pozzolana Cement (PPC) and Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC).

Habesha Cement SC External Vacancy Announcement

Position 1 – Senior Electrician

Qualification & Experience

Bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering or related fields with five (5) years of demonstrated experience of which three (3) years in a supervisory position.

Job Purpose:

Lead all preventative and predictive maintenance tasks, performance testing of electrical equipment and systems, installation of electrical components and control circuits and advanced troubleshooting and corrective maintenance tasks on electrical equipment and systems.

Job Duties & Responsibilities:

Perform electrical installations based upon specifications; Examine and participate in planning of new installations or electrical retrofits; Assemble and install new electrical or electronic wiring, equipment, appliances, apparatus, and fixtures.
Inspect the wiring and electric status.
Participate directly in complex and difficult on-site maintenance and service activities; perform the most advanced level troubleshooting and fault identification on electrical equipment and systems.
Repair malfunctions and damages; perform all level preventative and predictive maintenance activities to guarantee the smooth functioning of electrical equipment and systems of the production facility operation work.
Develop a weekly work schedule, and plans workload requirements in accordance with designated priorities and objectives.
Evaluate the quality and efficiency of other electricians work by making regular inspections of work, reviewing daily work reports, and advising and directing subordinate personnel in the improvement of work methods.
Direct and train junior electricians to install, maintain, or repair electrical wiring, equipment, and fixtures.
Assure work sites are consistently set up and operated in a safe manner.
Ensure Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) and other regulatory requirements (national and international) are being followed on a daily basis.
Perform other related duties as required.

Position 2 – Junior Mechanic

Qualification and Experience:

Diploma or Level IV in Auto Mechanic or General Mechanic or related fields with three (3) years of direct related experience.


Certificate in Level III or Level II in Auto Mechanic or GMFA or related fields with four (4) years of direct experience in the field preferably COC Certified.

Purpose of the Job

To enhance the availability and performance of Company vehicles by efficiently inspecting, maintaining, repairing and servicing auto mechanical systems of vehicles.

Main Duties and Responsibilities: 

Diagnose and examine auto mechanical systems to locate damage and malfunctions using visual inspections and testing instruments.
Record results of diagnostic tests of auto mechanical and mechanic systems.
Conduct auto maintenance work based on inspection results.
Install equipment and accessories of auto mechanical and mechanic equipment.
Replace and clean auto mechanical and mechanic components.
Carry out preventive maintenance activities as per guidelines and procedures provided by supervisors.
Perform routine and scheduled maintenance and repair services.
Review work orders and discuss work with supervisors.
Maintain cleanliness of work area.

Position 3 – Senior Mechanic

Qualification & Experience

BA Degree in Auto Mechanic or General Mechanic or related fields with Five (5+) years of direct related experience.

Job Purpose:

Ensure operation of machinery and mechanical equipment by completing preventive measures and maintenance requirements on engines, motors, pneumatic tools, conveyor systems, and production machines

Job Duties & Responsibilities:

Perform maintenance work by coordinating with Blower, Bottling, and utility Maintenance Supervisors for a smooth and standard machine operations.
Plan and execute preventive maintenance to minimize machine down time.

Complete reactive maintenance on production lines to recover from equipment failures by repairing mechanical and structural components.
Inspect machines, engines, transmissions etc. and run diagnostic tests to discover functionality issues.
Provide mechanical maintenance information to concerned body and maintain maintenance related records.
Maintain good partnership with team members, operators, and other work units
Motivate and Supervise subordinates for effective utilization of resources.
Pay particular attention to quality and safety issues and make a corrective measure when needed.
Coach operators and peers on basic maintenance and equipment settings.
Ensure Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) and other regulatory requirements (national and international) are being followed on a daily basis.
Perform other duties as required.

Position 4 – Senior auto Engineer

Qualification & Experience

Master’s degree in mechanical engineering, Electrical Engineering or related fields with four (4) years of demonstrated experience out of which two (2) years in a supervisory position


Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering or related fields with six (6) years of demonstrated experience of which three (3) years in a supervisory position.

Purpose of the Job:

To maximize the life-cycle value of assets and enhance operational efficiency by leading and coordinating the design and implementation of advanced preventive maintenance programs, standards, processes and policies and owning their design.

Main Duties and Responsibilities:

Oversee the design of preventive maintenance strategies, policies, guidelines, and standards.
Prepare the formulation of asset preventive maintenance plans.
Determine resources necessary to execute preventive maintenance plans.
Define the processes to approve, monitor, review and update asset and resource management plans.
Develop policies and processes to identify, quantify and mitigate risk related to plant assets.
Direct the development and implementation of preventive maintenance performance management system.
Create and manage preventive maintenance data and information management system.
Determine activities and processes involved in the preventive maintenance requirements of the plant asset management program.
Lead and coordinate the development and implementation of preventive and other advanced maintenance programs such as shutdown maintenance.
Develop and execute processes for identification, planning, scheduling, execution and control of work related to maintenance shutdowns and outages.
Oversee the activities and processes to procure and use maintenance tools and equipment.
Ensure that the preventive maintenance activities are compliant with the relevant technical standards.
Promote collaboration between electrical and mechanical domains.
Monitor and coordinate regular and planned inspection of the condition of assets.
Review and audit the effectiveness of preventive maintenance processes and systems.
Manage the costs and benefits of different renewal, maintenance, overhaul and disposal interventions.
Monitor and coordinate the application of quality parameters and standards for proper management of asset maintenance quality.
Ensure safety, accident & housekeeping preventions implemented well in the workplace.
Ensure the implementation of all government (Federal and Legal) regulations and requirements.
Guide and instruct his/her team in the preparation of SOP.

Generic Duties of the Position:

Develop and implement the Division’s plans and objectives.
Develop, approve and monitor the Division’s budgets.
Identify human resources requirements of the Division and develop plan for meeting the requirements.
Develop, implement and review relevant divisional policies and procedures.

Review, approve and submit Divisional reports to relevant organs.
Support the development of subordinates through periodic performance evaluations, coaching, mentoring, ongoing performance dialogue and feedback.
Manage disciplinary concerns of the Division’s staff.
Represent the Division in internal and external relationships.
Participate in-group decision-making process by forming part of different groups/committees.

How To Apply

Application is through:-  [email protected] only.
Only short-listed candidates are contacted.

B refer the position title and in the subject line
Attached your credential as a PDF or Word in a single attachment.
Required no one (1).
Please send your CV/Credential if only you are fit for the position.