Inter Ethiopia

Inter Ethiopia plays a vital role as a growth accelerator, fostering the expansion of international Tech and Renewable Companies within Ethiopia.

Inter Ethiopia External Vacancy Announcement

Job Position 1 – IT Specialist

Required Qualification and Experience
Education: Degree in IT, Computer Science, or related field.
Experience in hardware refurbishment and data destruction.
Knowledge of server management and network infrastructure.
Familiarity with environmental regulations and e-waste recycling.
Familiarity with software programming and Linux os
Problem-solving skills and attention to detail.

Key Responsibilities:
Diagnose and refurbish IT hardware, including computers and servers.
Perform secure physical and software data destruction.
Manage server operations, maintenance, and troubleshooting.
Collaborate with the e-waste processing team for proper recycling and disposal.
Develop new processes and technologies for e-waste management.
Place of Work: Arabsa, Lemikura Sub city Addis Ababa

Job Position 2 – Data Administrator

Required Qualification and Experience
Education: Degree in Data Management, Information Systems, or a related field.
Proven experience in data administration or a similar role.
Strong understanding of database structures, principles, and practices.
Excellent attention to detail and accuracy.
Ability to handle confidential information responsibly.

Key Responsibilities:
Maintain comprehensive records of e-waste inputs and outputs.
Register and update customer and product information in our database systems.
Ensure data integrity and security across all platforms.
Collaborate with IT and e-waste management teams to optimize data processes.
Generate reports and insights from data to support business decisions.
Place of Work: Arabsa, Lemikura Sub city Addis Ababa
Deadline: June 22, 2024

How To Apply
If you are interested in this positions please apply via email to [email protected]

Applicants must indicate the Job post “Title” in the Subject of their application letter