Islamic Relief

Islamic Relief is an international relief and development charity founded in 1984 with its headquarters in Birmingham, UK. As well as responding to disasters and emergencies, Islamic Relief promotes sustainable economic and social development by working with local communities – regardless of race, religion or gender. The office officially started operation in Ethiopia in 2004. Islamic Relief Ethiopia (IRE) is operational in the Somali Regional State with a base office in Jigjiga, Hargelle, Elkere, Bare, GG and Dekasuftu, Afar Regional State; Ewa, Awra and Gulina; Oromia regional State, West Harergeye, Chiro and Meayso Woredas,Borena zone,Yabello,Dubluk,Dire and Elewaye woredas and an additional operational office in Addis Ababa.

Islamic Relief External Vacancy Announcement

Job Position  – Cashier                          Vacancy No: IR/INT/EXT/VN/028.24

Required Qualification and Experience
Education: Bachelor’s degree or Diploma in Accounting.
Experience: At least 2 or 3 years of experiences respectively preferable in NGO environment.

Additional Skills
Proven experience in cash management preferably in development organizations.
Ability to work with financial software. Knowledge of AX dynamics ERP system is an advantage.
Excellent IT skills, MS Office applications.
Well-developed interpersonal and team skills and proven ability to be flexible in demeaning situations.
Good written and spoken English and local language (Afar) is Mandatory.
Good communication, public and interpersonal relations, sympathy with the aims and objectives of Islamic Relief. Commitment to the humanitarian principles and action and trustworthy.

Job Purpose
The primary responsibility of the person should be handling finance matters related in the project area office. The main duties of the persons would include:

Process purchase or service requisition form from requesting Department/Unit,
Authenticate and properly scrutinize the Payment Request form and supporting documents,
Present payment request to Finance Officer for review and to Manager for approval,
Prepare Payment Vouchers and Cheque, Present cheque with the check stub and payment vouchers to Finance Officer/Financial manage for verification and PV approval,
Ensure no cheque is prepared without ascertaining the exact cash balance available in the accounts
Control bank balances by writing cash balance on the check stab.
Maintain check register file on an excel sheet (soft Copy) and update for every check payment and reconcile this balance with the balance on the check stab. Print excels sheet monthly cheque register and attach with the final version bank reconciliation print out.
Ensure timely replenishment of petty cash
Present cheque with cheque stabs to signatories for approval,
Ensure timely disbursement of cheques,
Ensure payment Vouchers are signed by payees/delegates (cashiers) and receipts are collected,
Ensue that Logistician/assigned person/ signed the cheques register books for collecting cheques
Collect, keep and file receipts and pertinent financial supporting documents from recipient of the cheque, and by adjusting the stamp date and writing the cheque number on every settled document, use “PAID” stamp
Report to Finance Officer on documents outstanding for more than 4 working days after collecting cheques

Receive services request for water, electricity and telephone bills,
Receive Payment requests, review completeness of the request form, follow up & collect receipts, ensure the genuineness of those receipts,
Critically review telephone bills, check whether the receipt includes private calls, Communicate/report your findings on private telephone call to Finance Officer/Admin ass. Or OSM,
Allocate telephone expenses to the respective budget holders,
Notify significant deviations/variance to the concerned Department,
Stamp for documentation and attachments to Payment Voucher/PCPVs/JVs
Compile and handover the receipt to Finance Officer for Journal Voucher preparation and proper coding.

Maintain and keep proper file for documents related to Various Cheques and Petty cash payments: –
Check & verify Purchase/service request forms for authorization, budget and the cost center to be charged
Check if budget availability is signed by responsible person
Prepare bank payment Voucher/PCPV as the case may be
Reconcile and count cash at safe on daily basis
Write the correct budget/accounting title, code /project name/code, on PVs/PCPVs etc. which must be similar with QB chart of Accounts

Petty Cash:
Maintain Petty Cash/Safe fund, Prepare petty cash/Payment voucher, Effecting payments from petty cash follow up clearance of suspense’s, Ensure timely and monthly replenishment of petty cash, Preparing Petty Cash Report and Advance Request, Effect Payment to all disbursements of project activity at the project sites, to trainings conducted at the training sites, daily labourer payments, Collecting cash/refunds from customers, Collecting bank statements and advices from Banks, Collect & file receipts, invoices from suppliers, Maintain and keep proper file for documents related to Petty cash payments.

JV Documentation:
Ensure advance clearance forms and supporting documents are authorized by the supervisor,
Authenticate receipts upon collection,
Issue document clearance letter for staff debtors who settle their advances
Sort various financial documents in chronological order,
Attach bank advices/CPO receipts with the respective letters,
Attach pertinent supporting documents, Stamp and complete document numbers,
Before posting to the QB system, Present for checking and initial and approval,
File & hand over documents in sequential order and present to finance officer for recording/posting.
Ensure documents are properly coded, checked and approved before filing
Ensue monthly collection of bank statements, Financial Documents from Project Office, Review the completeness and acceptability of these documents and file & hand over to FO for further review & final approval for posting
Ensure existence/renewal of contracts before effecting payments,
File financial documents on sequential and daily basis,
Reports: Preparation of reports; monthly and whenever requested, to CO and his/her supervisor.

General Job requirements:
Be honest, ethical and committed
Be pleasant with others on the job and displaying a good-natured, cooperative attitude.
Be reliable, responsible, and dependable and fulfilling obligations
Maintain composure, keep emotion in check, controlling anger, and avoiding aggressive behaviour even in a very difficult situation.
Give attention to details in completing assigned tasks.
Be sensitive to others’ needs & feelings and being understanding and helpful on the job
Be social oriented, resolve customers’ complaints

How To Apply
Interested candidates are required to submit a complete Job application form stated with the duty station that you are applying for with all required supporting documents (updated CV, copy of credentials and testimonials) through [email protected]

You can access the Job Application Form with this link: Failure to follow the instructions will invalidate your application.

Closing date for the application is June 17, 2024.

Due to the high volume of application, we regret that we will be able to contact only the shortlisted candidates.