Marie Stopes International Ethiopia

Marie Stopes International Ethiopia External Vacancy Announcement

Job Position 1 – ICT Specialist

Required Qualification and Experience
Education: MSc/ BSc in Computer Science, or Information Technology,
Experiences: Two/Four years of practical experience in the similar capacity on above listed areas.

Skills, Attitudes and Attributes
Possession of thorough knowledge microcomputer hardware and software and LAN operating system, LAN based application software, security, communication and diagnosis tools
Good knowledge of IT systems, computer equipment operations management, hardware and software technology and must possess excellent interpersonal skills to maintain open communication
Strong client focus and genuine desire to travel to remote areas and assist end users, analytical skills, persistence, good communication skills, able to work as part of team and, patient and tolerant, technical aptitude, methodical and disciplined approach to problem solving.
Willing to travel frequently to regional offices, centres and provide overall ICT support to MSIE end users.
Required Number (01)

Responsible for first line user support and maintenance or troubleshooting, installation and configuration of PCs, Servers, Laptops, UPS, Printers, Scanners, projectors, administration of communication system;
Administers the organization LAN/WAN, installs, maintains, and upgrades hardware, software, services and other networking components and monitors periodically LAN system, mail servers, application servers, security server, PBX systems and takes appropriative corrective measures;
Installs and tests software updates and patch programs to support various applications and various desktop, laptop and Servers operation systems;
Identifies the hardware, software or communication system needed to provide solution to problems, assisting in customization and adaptation of existing systems or perform requirement analysis for new automation needs;
Works on the preparation of technical specification and perform pro forma evaluation for ICT equipment and check delivery of ICT equipment as per the specification;
Performs data maintenance and integrity activities and ensuring system security and perform critical data backup regularly;
Facilitates and provides ICT technical service, advice and support to all users of the organization and monitor availability, capacity and performance of the ICT infrastructure and applications in regional offices;
Ensures MSIE regional offices are linked through LAN/WAN systems and administers and provides support for Client management system that is being implemented in MSIE centres;
Prepares training proposals relevant to MSIE user’s interest and provides training and support on technical aspects of corporate applications and information security responsibilities;
Provides on the job training to MSIE regional users to support the use of modern ICT in the organization and ensure regional staff to effectively communicate with support office;
Technically assists departments/work units, regional offices, centre to develop, design and deliver their own program/project related training programs essential for the organization;
Conducts other IT related assignments as required.

Job Position 2 – Business Solution Advisor

Required Qualification and Experience
Education: MSc/BSc in Computer Science, Information Technology or related field
Experience: Four /Six years of experience.

Attitudes, skill, and Attributes
Proven analytical and problem-Solving Skills
Proven skills of managing ICT projects
Should have industry certificates in Cisco, Microsoft, etc
Good oral and written communication skills;
Good knowledge of different media channels for different audiences
Ability to work in a team and own initiative
Good interpersonal skills to develop and maintain effective working relationships with a wide range of people inside and outside the organization
Willingness to travel as requested
Knowledge of flow of business processes within Marie Stopes International is an added advantage.
Required Number (01)

Develop, deploy, and maintain appropriate Business Applications that support critical business processes to ensure accurate data gathering, storage, retrieval, processing and reporting to ensure business objectives and decision making. This may include but not limited to selection, acquisition. development/customization, implementation and system integration of commercial business applications such as Sun Systems, Electronic Health Record, HR and payroll System, supply chain, Contact center IVR/C3 System, etc.
Develop, deploy, and maintain appropriate ICT Infrastructure and Connectivity solutions for support office / field offices/centers for secure, efficient, and effective flow of information to facilitate operations and decision making.
Develop, deploy and maintain appropriate security systems that ensure Network, Systems and Data Security from internal and external security threats. This will include both physical and logical security solutions such as biometric access control, network firewall systems, Active Director Security, Antivirus, Antis pam, Antispyware and firewall solutions, Cyber security etc.
Develop, document, implement, test and review Business Continuity Plan (Disaster Recovery Plan) for ensuring high systems availability and business continuity. Responsible for running an automated data backup system, off-site storage of backup data, set up redundant systems for mission critical applications/infrastructure solution etc.
Develop, deploy and maintain network performance and security monitoring and reporting systems that provide management and technical reports for decision making and operational support.
Establish appropriate operational procedures, tools and resources for effective and timely delivery of technical support to all user that ensures high user productivity and guarantees customer satisfaction
Work on further enhancement, integration and deployment needs of core business solutions (like EHR,E-voucher, Call Center, SMS, IVR, data Warehouse Application ) and back office systems( Sun system, integrated HR & Payroll, procurement and inventory Management system, etc ) to centralized information access and BI reporting for evidence based decision making
Monitors the utilization of hardware/network resources, develops maintenance plan and recommend for any upgrade’s requirements for effective and efficient utilization and provide required technical support to all offices
Enhances the Data warehouse application by identifying additional service outlet data that should be incorporated.
Integrates the Data warehouse application with existing databases such as E-voucher, contact center application, SMS, IVR, EHR, SF mobile data Collection and with back-office application to generate all rounded management information system
Develops data management solutions using Web/Cloud based services and prepare appropriate documentation for all business solutions and ensure staff training and experience sharing.
Responsible for Planning and monitoring data storage requirements for all data base management /business solutions and ensure implementation off site back up and cloud management for data back up and disaster recovery.
Enhancement of the contact Center application/IVR system to incorporate any changes and innovations and work on C3 solution implementation
Ensures development of data bases on need bases and up on requests from Departments
Maintain and upgrade data bases of the organization for proper utilization and liaise with external providers of different applications/ICT solution in use or new
Assesses and follows on MSI global data management and general ICT business solution for adoption and implementation in MSIE local context.
Reviews the automated MIS solution and define the architectures and Provides harmonized automated solutions with MSIE core M&E plan
Optimizes the use of technology to improve MSI Ethiopia’s program efficiency
Regularly meets with different departments / functional units to determine requirements and planning for any project that may arise: (a) Defining software, hardware and network requirements (b) analyzing ICT requirements within MSIE units and providing objective advice on the use of ICT (c) Agreeing on developing and implementing new systems (d) Testing and monitoring new systems (e) Preparing documentation and presenting progress reports to concerned units (f) organizing training for users;
Ensures that MIS/M&E and other units take advantages of technology innovations arising from initiatives such as Data warehouse, training database.
Collaborates with external developers/solution providers, MSI global team members to ensure growth of new technology innovations are well integrated with MSI Ethiopia and MSI at large.
Understand customer requirements and business objectives and Provide strategic advice on using technology to achieve goals
Manage IT initiatives and collaborate with in-house technical staff, design IT systems and networks and ensuring the right architecture and functionality
Support new technology implementation and train users in new and existing IT systems
Provide overall 2nd and 3rd lines end user support for existing business applications, ICT infrastructure, databases, security, etc. and suggest improvements
Conducts other ICT related assignments as required or assigned by supervisor
Prepares periodic performance report to his / her immediate supervisor

How to Apply

We invite candidates meeting the required qualifications email their CV and application letter with a single pdf to [email protected] before the closing date of this announcement i.e. within ten (10) days.

Please mention the title of the position and workplace you applied for on the subject line of your email.

Due to the volume of applications, we will only contact shortlisted candidates, and we are unable to provide any feedback on unsuccessful applications.