Ethiopian Red Cross Society (ERCS)

The Ethiopian Red Cross Society (ERCS) was established in 1935 and is one of the oldest and largest humanitarian organizations in Ethiopia. ERCS provides services to communities affected by natural and manmade disasters through the provision of emergency responses, ambulance and first aid, family reunification, essential drugs, water and sanitation, and other humanitarian services. ERCS also runs disaster risk reduction programs with the aim of creating resilience households and communities. Currently the ERCS has a structure consisting of 12 Regional Offices, 34 Zonal Branches and 131 District/Woreda Branches, 599 Woreda Red Cross Committee and 5871 Kebele Red Cross committees.
ERCS also runs disaster risk reduction programs relating to food security, climate change adaptation, livelihood diversification, and institutional capacity building interventions, with the aim of creating resilience households and communities. ERCS works in partnership with the Ethiopian Government, International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent (IFRC), International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), partnering National Societies, members, volunteers and the communities we serve.

Ethiopian Red Cross Society (ERCS) External Vacancy Announcement

Job Position 1 – Senior Accountant (Social Cohesion Project)

Required Qualification and Experience
Education: Second/First degree in Accounting , Accounting and/or Finance
Experience: 6/8 years related work experience, out of which 2 years in a senior position(s)
Accounting Software(SAP, Peachtree, others) , Advance Excel
Work Unit : Accounts Division
Reports to : Account Manager
Terms of employment : Contract for one year
Work Place: Addis Ababa

Key performance Areas
Coordinates the recording, analysis and financial statement preparation activities of core cost and projects in accordance with the Society’s policies and procedures in place;
Prepares appropriate classification of codes for each transaction for recording; Analyzes the recording of transactions and performing posting; Prepare financial statements
Ensures that the financial reports of branches are properly tracked, recorded and consolidated with that of the National Secretariat, statement of income and expenditure account, cash flow statement, balance Sheet and other financial statements issued timely and properly;
Follows up the evaluation and analysis of monthly trial balances, quarterly statements of income and expenditure account and of any other financial information and the provision of qualified information for management decision making;
Checks the agreement of the balances of subsidiary ledgers and that of control accounts in the general ledger and tests the equality of debit and credit totals (trial balance) of the general ledger account balances;
Closely follow up the timely collection of receivables and payment of payables and make sure that all receivables are payables are fully cleared at the end of every quarter and no balance is carried forward
Examines and checks all registers for correctness and the register totals for general ledger posting; Prepares periodic and end-of-period financial reports and statements resulting from subsidiary and general ledger accounts;
Extracts account balances from the general ledger and prepares schedule of accounts upon request by management or to complete the accounting cycle;
Organizes maintenance of books of accounts, journals, ledgers and supporting documents in accordance with standard practices and accounting manual;
Prepares appropriate classification of codes and postages of all relevant transaction documents on the various control and subsidiary ledger accounts; and proposes additional or new codes if necessary;
Verifies that closings and auditing of books of accounts are carried out in due course; Verifies correctness of statement of accounts for receivable and payable accounts as well as bank reconciliation; Verifies Follows up the entry of financial transactions are in accordance with the accounting system in place of the Society;
Checks that financial documents, ledgers, journal vouchers and supporting documents are maintained and organized in accordance with the accounting system of the Society;
Ensures that all transactions of disbursements and receivables are journalized and posted into respective ledgers timely;
Make sure that all payables and receivables are cleared on quarterly basis and no outstanding balances of payables and receivables are carried over to the next period; Ensures that the Society’s accounting documents are properly organized;
Ascertains that account records are maintained in the proper classification of codes per the accounting procedure of the Society; Verify the correctness of the calculation of the deductions from the employee salary
Provides branch offices with professional assistances in performing accounting activities; follows up the financial reports of the branches;
Facilitates and follows up the preparation and communication of project financial reports as per commitments made with funding agents and pertinent financial policies and procedures of the Society;
Ascertains that closings of books of core cost and project accounts of the Society are carried out in due course; Follows up and facilitates the timely delivery of reports from branches; Arranges and organizes financial documents for auditing by internal and external auditors;
Ensures that financial documents, ledgers, journal vouchers and supporting documents are maintained and organized in accordance with the accounting system of the Society;
Conducts pertinent studies on how to improvise the day-to-day activities of the work unit; Prepares and submits monthly, quarterly, biannual and annual reports on the performance of the work unit; Make sure that no receivables and payables are outstanding at the end of the year

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Job Position 2 – Service /Communication and Liaison Manager for Partner National Society (PNS)

Required Qualification and Experience
Education: Second/First degree in Management/Leadership & Development study/ Marketing management /Political Science and International Relation/ Journalism and Communication/Foreign language and literature.
8/10 years relevant work experience and out of this 4/6 in Managerial position.
Work Unit : Service Delivery Division
Reports to: Deputy Secretary General
Terms of employment: Contract for one year
Work Place: Addis Ababa

Key competencies:
Strong skill in management, problem solving reporting and leadership
Strong coordination and communication skill (verbal and written)
Well organized self-start, Motivated and detail talented.

Duties & Responsibilities:

Plans, organizes, coordinates & directs the Liaison, Logistics, finance & facilities activities of the Partner National Society (PNS) Office or Administration Support Services.
Partner with various PNS Offices, Program and Support Service departments in connection with Service delivery support to PNS.
Advise members of the PNS on protocol issues as they relate to different service delivery & Security issues
Develop working procedures & as per the authorization ensure their proper implementation; Systematize the service delivery support process to PNS Offices; Solves problems encountered in his areas of responsibilities.
Manages & deals with all the functions including work permit and security issues of PNS.
Organize & Manage the provision of warehouse services for the delegates when their stuff arrive in the country before the arrangement of their housing.
Ensures the provision of appropriate desk space, working internet, uninterrupted power supply, visa processing, security adviser, work permit, maintenance of the delegate’s houses, and payment of the delegate utility bills.
Direct, Organizes, manage & follow up Vehicle maintenance, office cleaning services and provision of the common area stationery.
Organizes & directs cleaning & Security issues of the PNS., Ensures the liaison activities of PNS.
Ensures the timely purchase of items required for the PNS Offices
Ensures the timely payment requests of PNS Offices.
Serves as a focal person to service delivery issues to PNS.
Supervises & supports staff`s performance with in the His/hers Division.
Submits periodic Report about the performance of the division. Timely reports to the DSG, issues which requires attention & timely decision.

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